PODCAST: Construction chief Todd Sachse talks Detroit development, past, present and future

As the founder and CEO of Sachse Construction, Todd Sachse has been involved in many of Detroit’s biggest development projects in recent years, with the new Foundation Hotel, Whole Foods and the Scott at Brush Park just a few well-known examples.

We sat down with Sachse for a great discussion about development in the city, the challenges of redeveloping historic properties, the difficulty of finding skilled-trades workers and putting Detroit’s development boom in perspective.

“From a development standpoint, it’s been very good, for Detroit,” Sachse said. “From Detroit standards, it’s been outstanding. From a national standard I would say it’s average or below average.”

But Sachse says his firm is bullish on 2018, and he foresees development pushing out to other areas from the traditional 7.2-mile core, to the east riverfront, 7 Mile and Livernois, Lafayette Park and other neighborhoods.

“If you measure success in decades, which is kind of where my head’s at, I think the next several decades — the next 10, 20, 30 years — is great for Detroit,” he said. “I think there’s a lot of runway and great opportunities for Detroit.”

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