The 8-Wood Blog Manifesto; or how I overcame inertia

8 Wood Motel
A beacon for weary travelers.

Being that it’s now mid-2015, I figured it was high time to finally launch my own blog. Plus I hear these things are all the rage nowadays.

8-Wood is my geography, my neighborhood coordinates, the intersection of probably the two most recognizable throughways in Detroit. It’s also the name of a low-rent transient motor lodge with an eye-catching sign (and, I suspect, a seamy history, which I’ll try to unearth later).

I’m a writer, a former journalist-turned corporate communicator, a married guy with two young kids, and I needed an outlet. I’m way into music — I bought a bass guitar and amp off my friend for my midlife crisis — and I have some thoughts on what’s going on in Detroit and my hipster suburban enclave, which isn’t always as progressive as it thinks it is. I’ll write about those things here. And maybe even running once in a while, because I like that, too, and our city’s emerging food scene, because I love to eat.

Please don’t mind the dust as we build out. Things are likely to go slowly for a while on the design end, this being my first blog and all.

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