PODCAST: The future of Michigan’s auto industry with MICHauto chief Glenn Stevens

While I spend a lot of time on this blog advocating for more urban, pedestrian-oriented development, there’s no denying that the auto industry still rules the roost here in Michigan, contributing $57 billion to the state’s economy and hundreds of thousands of jobs (Disclosure: I do some freelance writing for Autoblog). The industry is also in an interesting period, with automakers focused on issues like mobility, autonomous vehicles and developing electric vehicles.

“They’re in the middle of this incredible auto and tech convergence, where the Internet of things is slamming right into mobility and automotive,” said Glenn Stevens, executive director of MICHauto.

“It’s a healthy, vibrant, unbelievably transformative industry right now.”

On this episode of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast, I talk with Stevens about how the industry has emerged from the Great Recession, where it’s going and how Michigan is faring amid unprecedented competition from Silicon Valley and federal mandates for electric vehicles from governments in China, the U.K. and elsewhere.

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Creative Commons photo via Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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