PODCAST: Clearing the smoke from Michigan’s fast-changing medical marijuana industry

Denise Pollicella

There have been a lot of changes recently in Michigan’s nearly decade-old medical marijuana industry.

The Legislature passed new laws aimed at better regulating growers, caregivers and dispensaries. As of Dec. 15, businesses must apply for licenses that carry steep capital requirements. Meanwhile, voters in Detroit in November passed two ordinances to loosen restrictions on where dispensaries can operate, and a group called MI Legalize has submitted 360,000 signatures to the state to bring a proposal to the ballot asking voters to fully legalize marijuana.

Thomas Lavigne

So we put together a roundtable panel to make sense of it all. Our guests:

  • Denise Pollicella, founder and managing partner of Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan in Howell
  • Thomas Lavigne, attorney with Cannabis Counsel in Detroit and a board member of MI Legalize, the organization working to get voters to decide on full legalization in November
  • Roberta King, founder of Canna Communications in Muskegon

We talk about the particulars of the new rules and licensing requirements, and I ask whether the new rules will be good for the industry. We also learn about a court case that could freeze medical marijuana licensing in Detroit for a year and how the MI Legalize effort is shaping up.

Roberta King

It’s an in-depth, fascinating conversation about an industry estimated at more than $800 million in Michigan alone. (Note: The show was recorded before Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered that federal law, which classifies marijuana as an illegal narcotic, would supersede state laws that allow it.)

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Creative Commons photo via Dank Depot

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