New Ty Segall song ‘Break A Guitar’ brings the rock a weary nation needs

While 2016 saw plenty of great music released, the past few years haven’t exactly been a high-water mark for guitar-driven, in-your-face rock-n-roll. So I was delighted to hear “Break A Guitar,” the leadoff track from Ty Segall’s new self-titled album, on the radio while driving home the other night.

The song hinges on a massive, overdriven Black Sabbath-esque riff and features Segall’s dependably timeless garage-psych vocals as he sings about rock stardom and offers that “I was made in the / made in the rain.” It’s produced by Steve Albini and the entire album was reportedly recorded with a full band in the studio, both firsts for Segall.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and rock-n-roll offers release. Segall’s new single delivers the rock we need right now.

Segall’s new album is available on Drag City. Sadly, no Detroit tour dates as of now.

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