Come explore the Lake Michigan dunes, in photos

I’ve been on vacation for the past week, repeating my family’s road trip to Warren Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan, not far from the Indiana state line, and to a friend’s house outside of Madison, Wis.

I wrote about camping at Warren Dunes last year, so I won’t repeat myself. Except to say that I seriously love the freshwater dunes environment and geek out pretty hard when I’m there.

It’s such a unique and fascinating ecosystem, with incredibly lush, dense forests filled with oak, beech, hemlock, sassafras and paw paw trees giving way to nutrient-poor, desert-like sand dune environments that still manage to host an incredible array of plants and trees — especially cottonwood, oak, milkweed, sand cherry, hairy puccoon and horsetail. Plus, the elevation and topography they bring are a welcome sight for this flatland Detroiter. It’s a flat-out beautiful place; I hope you agree.


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