8-Wood Blog, Daily Detroit join forces to pump up the volume


I’m starting a new role as a once-a-week contributor to Daily Detroit, the “superblog” run by Jeremiah Staes, a fellow corporate communicator-by-day and self-described digital native whom I met several years ago when he was working at the Detroit Regional News Hub.

tumblr_lu2teoop421qzv70ro1_250Staes has some really interesting ideas afloat with Daily, a “solutions oriented” news, event and information site which is supported through a mix of reader donations, underwriting and advertising. I encourage you to read more about the site, but here’s a snippet:

We started this because we were tired of seeing more of the same in Detroit media, and thought there were many stories not told or not told in a way that people will pay attention. We wanted to take a fresh, fair, and meaningful approach to informing Metro Detroiters about their region told in voice we could relate to. This has resonated with an ever-growing audience.

This blog isn’t going anywhere, and I’ll continue to focus on my baby during my increasingly rare free time. You may occasionally even find 8-Wood posts reblogged at Daily, as a few already have.

But I’m excited to be a small part of the Daily Detroit team, stretch myself and learn a few things from a team on the rise. The idea is very much for this to be mutually beneficial; if this were a corporate transaction, we’d probably say we are looking to leverage strategic synergies. Hey, growth is good, right?

So in the Daily Detroit spirit of focusing on solutions, my first official contributor post asks “What Can Be Done About Detroit’s Disgusting Litter Problem?

Here is an illustration of the problem that has my attention lately, of litter marring a view in Highland Park.
Litter marring a roadside in Highland Park is an illustration of the problem that has my attention lately.

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